Arquimara is, first of all, a joint team that works on three equally important premises:

• Architecture, the art and science of building, including its planning, making and decoration is generally considered as one of the Artistic Disciplines. This means for us that one of its more important obligations should be the constant creation and invention.

• The architect's designs should behave responsibly with the community where he works, in the way that, the new spaces that are produced, should be adequate and comfortable, as much as possible, for the cities and citizens to which are provided.

• Finally, Architecture is always born as a client's decision. Our team has the very important responsibility and compromise of responding to the persons or entities that contract us. In our company, this is done with what we call Controlled Architecture: Any process necessary to achieve our project's goals is carefully observed by our internal people and our external colleagues. We count on a solid framework that allows us to work on different scales (small and larger ones), thanks to the equilibrated division between internal professionals and decentralization of all those aspects that are not of specific competence of architecture.