About us

Arquimara is a service company that works in the architectural field and was founded in 2003 by Francisco Javier Aragón Olmo. He started working as an architect in 1995 directing a private architectural study in Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz). Arquimara, S.L is a limited company that represents the continuity of his actual work. This enterprise integrates different disciplines for the development of architectural, engineering and urban planning projects.

The company is divided in three important areas directed each of them by professionally trained persons:

Design Area
Francisco Javier Aragón Olmo, Architect.
Project's Director

Development Area
Diego Aragón Olmo, Engineer.
Project Manager and Engineer

Execution Area
Manuel J. Aragón Olmo, Technical Architect.
Building Management Director

In addition, a group of external professionals collaborate with us in other technical matters in order to achieve the maximal quality in our projects:

• José Miguel Calleja Cortés, Architect.
• Antonio Jesús Bertón Guerrero,Technical Architect.
• Guzmán Navarro García, Communications Engineer.
• Others.